Team profile: Rukinder Dhanda

“In my role at Acorn Aluminium, I ensure that crucial information flows seamlessly between designers, management, and production teams. This relies heavily on effective communication, keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring projects stay on track.”

Rukinder Dhanda, Pre-Construction Coordinator at Acorn Aluminium

Rukinder’s primary responsibility at Acorn Aluminium is to manage and oversee all aspects of projects at the pre-construction stage, getting involved in the project right from the initial stages of design, contacting clients and understanding their requirements.

By using tools like Microsoft Projects, Rukinder creates a workflow that aligns with the client’s timeline, constantly reviewing and adapting it as the project progresses. 

Proactively addressing delays caused by material shortages or design changes, Rukinder keeps clients informed in advance to prevent potential problems. 

Before joining Acorn, Rukinder worked as a Project Manager at Bartec Vodec, a company which produces alarm systems for oil rigs and mechanical plants. 

“It was a completely different area of manufacturing, but I was planning my own projects there, which has given me valuable experience in navigating through the complexities of different projects at Acorn”, said Rukinder.

Rukinder’s problem-solving abilities, honed during his mechanical engineering degree, come into play as he introduced and implemented internal processes at Acorn Aluminium.

“Having Rukinder on hand has been instrumental in helping Acorn to predict and overcome the inevitable bumps in the road that go with complex project programmes so that they don’t impact on delivery. Rukinder’s role helps us to deliver on time and in full to our customers, as jobs are getting through the factory earlier, and we’re working ahead of time.”

Craig Key, Operations Manager, Acorn Aluminium.

Rukinder’s knowledge in project planning has been valuable when handling projects such as the Leonardo Building in Leeds, which presented its own set of unique challenges. 

Designed by architects Cartwright Pickard, Leonardo Building is a £62 million student accommodation scheme in the centre of Leeds by McLaren Property. 

The project involves transforming 1990s office space into residential space and converting a Grade II listed Victorian print works. 

Acorn Aluminium was appointed to the 473-bed project by the main contractor, Robertson Construction, to design, manufacture and install more than 4,000m2 of curtain walling and windows to the scheme, starting on site at the end of last year.

The design includes intricate perforated external façade panels inspired by Victorian tiling from the original building’s main staircase.

“I’ve implemented programs for new projects, and I’ve tried to implement them for older projects too. We had one big project, Leonardo Buildings, which has been complex and has been ongoing for just over a year now. It’s about being able to adapt when the project changes, and ensuring that it still succeeds, even in the face of unique obstacles.”

Rukinder Dhanda

Acorn Aluminium has implemented strong internal processes that have significantly improved efficiency within the company, leading to smoother production planning and timely project delivery.

“Rukinder Dhanda has a strong set of skills that he’s brought to his role, complementing our wider team at Acorn Aluminium”, said Craig.

“He ensures that projects stick to their deadlines and works around any complications which might arise during the process. Which allows us to control costs and deliver projects effectively for our customers.” 

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